tirsdag 11. september 2012

GPS Location Recorder for Android

GPS Location Recorder is released!
GPS Location Recorder is an Android app that is available in Google Play.

Take a look at the screenshots:
See how it works:

GPS location recorder is a lightweight, battery efficient GPS logger.
Saving and sharing a GPS location or a track has never been easier.

- Save GPS location (longitude/latitude coordinates)
- Save GPS track while you walk/run/drive etc.
- Get list of saved GPS locations and tracks
- Send saved GPS locations and tracks in email (either as plain text or in KML-format)
- Share your saved location on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ etc. (depending of while social apps are installed on
your phone)
- Show your saved location or your track in Google Maps (by importing generated KML-file)
- Shows your speed as you moves, works as a speedometer (select between km/h and Mph)
- Get map of current location if your phone are connected to internet.
- Text in english or norwegian.

Works fine without internet connection. Also map may be shows without internet connection
(depending if map tile in already download on sd-card). 

PS! If your GPS signal is poor, the distance in a recorded GPS track may be inaccurate.
The better GPS signal you have, the more accurate distance you get when recording a GPS track.


Download it in Google Play, it is free to download.

Android app on Google Play

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